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  1. Tell the students the reason for the drill is to make sure they know how to evacuate safely in the shortest time possible, and in an orderly fashion. This will prevent students from jamming the emergency door.
  2. Tell the students that it will be up to the driver to decide if everyone on the bus should get off or not. There might be an emergency in which it will be safer to stay inside the bus.

An emergency that would require everyone to exit the bus would be, if it were on fire. The seats are not fire resistant. A fire can spread in a matter of minutes. This is the reason for the law against smoking on the bus. This includes any open flames such as lighter.

  1. Show the students how to use the deriver’s cell phone in case the driver is unable to do so (Hold down Speed Dial #2). Tell them to call the school. They should state, “this is an emergency” know where they are, and what bus route they are on. If the phone does not work they can flag down a motorist and tell them to call the school. Never get in a car and leave with someone. Do not use personal phones in an emergency.
  2. Show them how to set the emergency brake, where it is located, and that they pull it to hold the bus in position.
  3. Show them where the fire extinguisher is located on your bus, and how to use it.
  4. Show where the first aid kit is located and how to remove it. That it has basic contents to give treatment until help arrives.
  5. Demonstrate the window, roof and door exits.
  6. Explain why we have a stop at all railroad tracks. Federal and State law requires that all buses do so, in the event of an oncoming train. If the bus were to stall on the tracks, all would evacuate.
  7. In the event of an actual emergency they are to get off the bus and move far enough away from the bus to insure their safety (a Minimum of 100 ft.). The driver will give them their destination. The driver will be the last to exit the bus to insure everyone got off the bus.
  8. Carry out the emergency drill you have been assigned.

PLEASE NOTE: Give your delivery within ten minutes. If the weather is warm, open the windows.

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