Avalon Charter School K-8

We make the difference in your child's education!
1045 South San Marcos, Apache Junction, Arizona

Focus On Education

It's not about the teaching; it's about the LEARNING.

The program includes 30 minutes per day of Reteach or Enrichment of student's knowledge.

Personalized Attention!

Smaller Class Sizes-Teachers know the needs of each student.
Encouraging and Motivating Staff.
Focus is on the student through our Specials Program.

Avalon Dress Code


Clean, brushed, neat, natural hair colors and modest haircuts.  No hats are allowed indoors on campus.


Plain (collared, v- neck, or t-shirt style) shirts required.
Shirts must have sleeves and be 2 inches below the waistline.  Cleavage must be covered at all times.


Jean or twill pants, capris, shorts, or skorts can be worn in any color, no holes, shreds,
or writing is permitted.  They must be worn on the waistline, and shorts must be just above the knee or longer.


All students must wear shoes that enclose the entire foot.


In the winter month’s coats/sweatshirts must be in the dress code (no inappropriate messages, etc.).  All students must also be in dress code underneath jackets or coats.


All jewelry must be conservative in nature.  Earrings in the ear are acceptable but must be studs only.  No body piercings or gauging of any kind.
All tattoos must be covered by dress code appropriate clothing.

It is required that all students come to school in dress code, clean and in a well-groomed manner.  Parents will be notified if a student comes to school dressed in appropriately and will be required to bring appropriate clothing to school.  If the student refuses to change, they will receive a dress code violation, NO EXCEPTIONS.  The principal will resolve questionable dress code concerns.

Attendance Policy

The Excalibur Charter School Board Policy regarding attendance of students to Excalibur Charter Schools is as Follows:

  • All absences must be phoned in by 1 P.M. the day of occurance
  • Long-term illness (5 or more days) will require a doctor’s note.
  • After 5 absences in a semester your name will be submitted to the Attendance Committee for approval or withdrawl.  You may appeal to the Committee.