Avalon/Excalibur is a tuition-free charter school

What is a tuition-free public charter school?

Public charters are privately owned public schools.  In the 2010 US News and World Report's Top 100 Schools, public charters accounted for 24/25 of the top 25 schools listed.  With many choices available to you, you give your student the best chance at success with public charters like Excalibur Charter Schools.

In addition to the many advantages of being a charter school student, Avalon K-8 and Excalibur High School are 100% tuition-free.  This means that you can give your child a great charter school education at the same cost as regular public schooling.

Admission counseling

New or transfer students may request admission counseling

We offer admission counseling for Avalon K-8 and Excalibur High School. Admission counseling and pre-testing allows us to better acquaint ourselves with your student's needs and strengths.  When you fill out your enrollment packet, be sure to ask for admission counseling!

Services we offer